21 Exam Booster Tips – Day 2

4. Revision does not have to be static! Combine revision with exercise.

Build exercise into your revision programme. You can exercise your body and your mind at once! Record yourself reciting revision points and listen to them whilst on a jog or brisk walk, or do a circuit session with each exercise relating to a different topic within a subject – e.g. if doing 10 sit-ups, after each sit up recite one point from your chosen revision topic. By combining revision with exercise you will not feel guilty about spending time away from your desk, but also benefit from a the physical exercise.

 5. You are what you eat! Eat a healthy, balanced diet during your revision and examination period.

There are plenty of healthy, tasty recipe ideas online to help students to prepare balanced meals during exams. Spend an hour or so researching healthy recipes with your family and preparing meal plans for the weeks leading up to your exams. Try to encourage your whole family to eat the same healthy meals as you during this period – it will help you to stay on track, and will benefit the health of the whole family in general! In addition, keep yourself hydrated by keeping a bottle of water on your desk whilst you study. By keeping hydrated you will remain alert and retain concentration for longer periods. Try adding chopped fruits such as slices of lemon or kiwi fruit to your water to provide extra vitamins.

6. Tackle your troubles by talking through them with a family member. Speak about your concerns about exams rather than keeping them to yourself.

Take time at the end of a day of revision to sit down with a family member and talk through any concerns or worries you have regarding your revision or exams.  Make this time productive – rather than spend the time dwelling on the worries, try to talk through a strategy of combating your concerns with the family member. Try to draw up a plan of ways in which you can tackle the problem areas you have, and pin it in a prominent place in your home – such as the refrigerator door. By doing this, it is not only a reminder to you, but also your family members can be reminded to encourage you and support you during this stressful time.