A-Level English Excellence in English Teaching


Course Information:   A-Level English at Excel in Key Subjects

– Some points for parents and students

All A-level English Teaching takes place at the UCL/Birkbeck Centre by Ms Ruth Watkin who is an Examiner for the AQA exam board

Thank you for your course enquiry regarding AS/A2 English at EIKS. I hope you will find the following points helpful:

  • We meet the specific needs of the individual student, covering the set-texts that the student is studying.
  • I am an experienced teacher that specialises in A-Level English. We cover all three A-Levels in English: English Literature / English Lang & Lit / English Language, across all Examining Boards.
  • We cover examination technique also. I am an experienced Examiner / Moderator for an Examining Board, and trained in formal assessment procedures. I also supervise coursework projects.
  • We focus on the teaching and learning of Assessment Objectives (the grading criteria set out by Examining Boards). All Examining Boards in England and Wales share identical Assessment Objectives. This ensures that all students acquire the same skills in literary analysis and subject knowledge, regardless of differences in Examining Board curriculum.
  • Pastoral support: A-Level English at EIKS is taught in a relaxed and friendly environment, where students are encouraged to achieve their best as individuals. Individual tutorials providing feedback are available for those wishing to discuss their progress. Advice about future undergraduate study is available also for students that are considering continuing their studies in English.
  • It will be helpful if a potential student attends any advice session with at least one marked school/college essay in order to identify strengths and weaknesses in subject knowledge and essay writing.

I hope that this information will help in your commitment to study at EIKS.

Ms. Ruth Watkins BA (Hons)

I can testify to the success of A-level English teaching by Ruth Watkin. Ruth has taught English A-level at our UCL/Birkbeck Centre for the last four or so years. Her dedication to students is extraordinary, as she goes out of her way to provide first class support to seventeen and eighteen-year olds. This includes preparing, personalised specimen exam questions for students and providing meaningful feedback. She utilises her experience as an examiner to not only teach but also to inform and provide rigorous feedback to the students she teaches.  Ruth is very thorough in her marking and assessment and she is the friendliest person you can ever meet.

I cannot recommend her enough as I know that we are privileged to have Ruth as the main teacher for A-level English at EIKS.

Idris Musty (Mr)