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Autumn Booster – a good kickstart to the new academic year

Higher Exam Grades at GCSE and
A-level in subjects that matter most

Effective and confident-boosting at the start
in September

It is vital to make an impressive start to the new academic year at this critical stage. The way your child starts the year can make all the difference as this sets the tone for the remainder of the academic year.

My team and I at Excel in Key Subjects are just starting our 16th year of successfully helping teenagers to improve their GCSE and A-level exam grades in the subjects that matter most.

Since 2004, we have helped many teenagers to boost their exam performance. At the bottom of this page you can find testimonials from students and parents whom we have helped over the last one and a half decades. Yes, the best time to plant an oak tree was 25 years ago; the second best time is now.

For most weekends in September 2019, we have our booster courses that can help your child to have a solid start, which will make a significant difference to your child’s performance in this academic year. I will explain everything you need to know about this course and provide you information to assist you in making a judgement to assess whether it is suitable for your child.

Before I do that, I’d like to tell you the benefits:

Benefits of the Excel in Key Subjects courses:

  • Diagnosing students’ understanding, identifying weaknesses and strengths and reinforcing knowledge of key concepts
  • Students are taught in small class sizes, so teachers are able to address the needs of each individual
  • Dealing with common mistakes in answering exam questions
  • Setting realistic grade targets, monitoring students’ progress and supporting them to ensure they achieve the goals set
  • Minimising stress through rigorous exam preparation and teaching exam techniques to deal with challenging questions
  • The boost in confidence achieved makes our students more aspirational and they begin to aim for a higher grade.

    More about the Autumn Booster

This unique booster course consists of three elements: teaching, question practice and feedback from the teacher in the form of marking and comment. Each of the three parts is designed to reinforce understanding, equip your son/daughter with the skills to answer questions in the manner the examiner expects and build confidence.

Dates for Autumn Booster 2019

        Format of the course

Part 1 - First teaching session

A small-group teaching session Half a day (four hours of teaching) on a Saturday in September, where the following will occur:


a. Initial diagnoses of current understanding of key concepts from the previous academic year
b. reinforcement of core topics that are required for top performance at the next stage;
c. questions are set to be taken away by the student and completed. These questions are of exam standard and are based on the material covered.


Notes on part 1: In addition to the fact that the fundamental aspects of the material are covered in the first teaching session, guidance will be provided on where to find the material needed for revision so the student is more confident in tackling the questions

Part 2 - Questions attempted as Homework assignment

a. The student takes home and attempts the questions, using what has been learnt in the first teaching session
b. After attempting the question, scripts are brought in for the follow-up session, which usually occur the following weekend


Part 3 Follow-up session



A small-group follow-up session, where face-to-face feedback is provided and salient areas explained by the teacher – with the opportunity for students to ask questions on what they remain puzzled about or just wish for greater understanding and clarity
b. Key concepts/topics in the new year’s curriculum are introduced


More questions are set for the student to take away for practice. The student does the questions and send them to us for marking and feedback provided. They can send them in the post or scan and send the questions to us by e-mail

Fees for Autumn Booster

GCSE or KS3 - £295

A-level            - £385


Effective small-group tuition – led by a competent teacher – some of the very best teachers of A-level and GCSE

Expert teachers who help identify and improve students’ areas of weakness

Salient topics are taught and questions attempted on those topics

Reinforcement of key aspects of the specification – teaching to gain a better understanding of the concepts

Your child ends up with a Much-Improved Subject Knowledge and Mastery of Exam Technique

 A boost in confidence in problematic areas of the specification

Drastically reduced stress and anxiety in the weeks and days leading to the summer exams

A realistic chance of improving by one or perhaps two grade boundaries

A focus on mastery of exam technique, so your child is able to apply their knowledge more effectively  


Small class sizes mean that your child can get the individual attention they need 

Studying with other motivated young people from families where education is valued highly

Centres in West London, Croydon and Greenwich.

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Grade-Boosting Courses
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Your questions answered!

Now that I’ve provided you details of the benefits your child will derive from the course and its features, I’d like to answer some of the burning questions you may have in mind.

Who is this programme suitable for?

Young people who are studying for GCSE (including IGCSE), A-level and KS3 and who are of at least average ability. Our programmes are not suitable for young people who are academically weak and who may, perhaps, not be capable of achieving Grade 5 at GCSE or Grade C at A-level. No, it does not necessarily mean that they are currently working at that grade before they join us.

Most of our students are aiming for grades between B and A*, but many are not at that level before they join us. Some of them, perhaps, have unfulfilled potential and the value we add is to help notch up their grade.

The programmes we run between February and June may not be suitable for teenagers who are very weak academically.

What programmes do you have and for which age group?

A-level - those who are just starting the second and final year of A-level in September)

Autumn Booster; Saturday Classes – October to May; Easter Intensive Revision; Half-Term Intensive; Christmas Intensive Revision

AS level (first year of A-level)

Those who completed GCSE  last summer and are just starting the first year of A-level in September)

Saturday Classes – October to May; Easter Intensive Revision; Half-Term Intensive; Christmas Intensive Revision

GCSE (Y11 – those just starting the final year of GCSE in September – also suitable for IGCSE)

Autumn Booster; Saturday Classes – October to May; Easter Intensive Revision; Half-Term Intensive; Christmas Intensive Revision

GCSE (Y10 – those just starting the first year of GCSE in September – also suitable for IGCSE)

Autumn Booster; Saturday Classes – October to May; (GCSE Intensive revisions are designed for Y11; however, it is the case that Y10 students often join and benefit greatly - particularly those who are very academic )

KS3 (Y9 and Y8 – also suitable for some strong Y7 students)

Autumn Booster; Saturday Classes – October to May; (our KS3 courses are designed mainly for Y8 and Y9 students; however, Y7 students often join - particularly those who are very academic )

Secure a place for your child on one of these
Grade-Boosting Courses
Call us now on 020 7112 4832
or request a call back

Your child’s grade(s) will markedly improve with Excel in Key Subjects, or we will give you a full refund of your tuition fees.

That’s how confident we are of our proven system.

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Trinity School*
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