Courses Adviser Job

Course Adviser Job

Courses Adviser – a bright, young, well-spoken person and a good communicator wanted – older people can apply too
We are looking for an intelligent person with enthusiasm who is energetic and hungry for success. A focused and determined individual who wants to be the best in what they do is required. Experience in sales or customer services will help but it matters less than what you have to offer as an individual. Therefore, we welcome someone with no customer service or sales experience whatsoever but you must be a quick learner and well focused.The qualities that matter most for this position are as follows:

  1. Good English and an articulate person – preferably with a neutral and NOT a strong accent of any sort and easy to understand on the phone
  2. A focused individual who is well disciplined and able to work using his/her own initiative
  3. Someone who enjoys making calls and speaking on the telephone
  4. Someone who can follow instructions and work with a well laid-out script in an orderly manner
  5. Someone with very sound knowledge of the British education system – perhaps someone who has recently left school or university and who is familiar with the terminologies for different year groups, such as KS3, KS4, A-level and so on. A parent with children in the education system will also be familiar with these terminologies. An intelligent person with no knowledge of these details but who can learn fast may be suitable
  6. Someone who considers himself/herself to be a clever person and who easily grasps concepts. A lot of thinking on your feet is vital and having a good degree of arithmetical competence would be helpful
  7. Ability to socialise is not necessarily an advantage but not a hindrance either. We are looking for an articulate and focused person who wants to get on with the job and is comfortable with being set targets
  8. Someone who is ambitious and happy to start with a reasonable rate of pay but wants to earn a high income within one to two years’ time

This is not a position for a mediocre person who wants to be like everyone else. We are looking for someone who wants to be the best and who is very competitive.

If you fit the requirements below, please let us know.

  1. A problem solver and not a moaner – someone who thrives on taking responsibility and who will be rewarded for it handsomely
  2. Someone with excellent communication skills
  3. A high achiever with a proven track record of being brilliant at something that may be different from selling
  4. Someone who has earned or is eager to earn £20,000 to £22,000 per year as the basic – possibly more, with additional commission (overall – £30k to £35k)

Your primary job will be to follow up on prospective parents by presenting the courses we offer to them and help to answer questions they may have. You will be looking to book consultations, a visit or convert them into paying customers. You will be doing this mainly via telephone calls but this position does not include cold calling. Prospective parents have contacted us previously to express an interest in our services and we are following up with them.

Being creative is not the most important attribute for this position. We are looking for a methodical and well-organised individual with excellent communication skills. We provide a service that people want and there is no need for hard selling. There are abundant resources to back up the sales team but excellent performance is expected. We only require people whose reference can be verified and it does not have to be sales related.

There will be the flexibility to work between 4 and 5 days per week, including most Saturdays during school term time. The work is mostly at our office in Greenwich but there may be the flexibility to work from home on some days after an initial training and familiarisation period, and subject to being the right kind of person.

This role involves using customer service skills whereby you will be required to speak to people on the phone and present our services to them. The ability to learn very fast and develop your own expertise in a fast-moving work environment is essential.

What we do

Excel in Key Subjects provides extra tuition classes, including Saturday classes, revision courses during school holidays, and other out-of-school tuition related services for teenage students who want to improve their performance in school and achieve higher exam grades at GCSE and A-level. Our target audience are parents of teenagers. There is a strong ethical dimension to the service we provide and the manner in which we market and sell our products and services. There is a very high demand for our services and we have achieved excellent examination results for our students for over 12 years.

There are opportunities and scope for learning in this position. Each aspect of the job has a lot of resources available in order to gain the knowledge required and also tools for implementing the tasks.

We are looking for someone who will grab the bull by the horns and use the resources that are available to achieve outstanding success. In the process of doing that, you will also be able to develop as an individual. You will be fully supported and encouraged to succeed but this is not a job for moaners, whingers and complainers.

Below are some of the key traits that are required:

  1. Being a Driver
  2. Being ‘Emotionally and Socially Intelligent’
  3. Having Passion and Aspirations

Remunerations – Salary and Commission:

Overall package is up to £35k, with 20k to 22k as the basic – depending on status.

To apply for the position, you need to call 020 3475 5251 and follow the instructions, and also send your CV to: [email protected]