Are you keen to give your child a good education – the greatest gift you can possibly give them?

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I’m Idris Mustapha, founder of Excel in Key Subjects and if you’re keen to give your child the best possible start in life, I’d like to offer you a gift: a free copy of my new guide, “A Parent’s Guide to Giving Your Child the Best Gift You can Give – Education”.

A great education is one of the most precious gifts you can give your child. Not only will it ensure they get the job they desire in adulthood, it will also enrich their lives and open their minds. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done for many parents, who find themselves disappointed with the UK’s current education system, yet unsure what they can do to help.

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After years of teaching in comprehensive, grammar and independent schools, I grew frustrated with the culture of low expectation, particularly the fact that bright young people are not being challenged. Too many schools and teachers are too happy to put up with mediocrity and to allow bright pupils to coast along.

But there’s an alternative.
To remedy this, I’ve now decided to share my most crucial insights into such topics as:

  • Why children struggle academically and why the situation needn’t be hopeless
  • Developing the right approach to revision and study
  • The importance of choosing the right GCSEs, A-levels and then the right university
  • Selecting an effective, inspirational tutor that will help to make a real difference to exam grades

And much more!

Richard Harborne

Idris Mustapha
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