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Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English & Further Maths

Improved GCSE or A-Level Grades
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Diagnostic & Alignment (compulsory-paid once only)

– the first two Saturdays – assessment, interview and profile included

Block of study – number of subjects
5 subject
[Triple Science, English & Maths]
4 subjects
[English Maths & Science)]
3 Subjects
[English & Science OR Maths & Science]
2 Subjects
[either Maths & English or Science]
1 Subjects
[Maths or English]
Fees Per Term – each term consists of 10 Saturdays. This fee is for each term. Science (Core or Additional) Counts as 2 subjects and and consists of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Triple (separate) Science count as 3 subjects. £1,695 £1,380 £1,050 £725 £372
D & A – Diagnostic and Alignment (Tests, Interviews and profile – 2 sessions per subject. D & A is compulsory and is paid in addition to the first term’s fees only. No D %& A applies to the fee for term 2 and term 3. £395 £345 £295 £245 £245

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