GCSE Maths Tiers Video

This video explores some of the common questions and themes surrounding GCSE Maths Tiers. Particular focus is placed on the difference between Higher Level and Foundation GCSE Tiers.

The main themes covered in the GCSE Maths Tiers Video are below.

  • GCSE Maths is one of the most important subjects
  • Schools follow a modular structure in maths
  • Typically, schools will enter students for GCSE Maths modules in year 9
  • The difference between the Foundation and Higher Tier is also very important
    • You can only obtain a Grade C at Foundation Tier!
    • To get a grade higher than a C, you must study in the Higher Tier
    • Therefore, being placed in the right tier or set is very important
    • Those in the lower tier tend to study more elementary concepts and you’ll miss out on
  • When looking for a teacher for GCSE Maths revision, make sure the teacher is fully qualified
  • Overall, try to get help early, work with a qualified teacher and practice through self study