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Here at Excel in Key Subjects our aim is to help your child reach their full potential in all of the key academic subjects that they currently study. We recognise the challenges facing young students in school today and understand the pressures they face. This is where we can add that extra help to improve their exam grades. By offering small class sizes with highly qualified and dedicated teachers, we are confident that, as well as improving exam grades, we can boost confidence and bring out each child's full potential to achieve success. Our long-established Saturday Classes, which are available in three locations across London, run each term and offer small group tuition in the key subjects of Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology and Physics for KS3, GCSE and A-level

The Benefits

  • Reinforcing knowledge of key concepts in each subject
  • Diagnosing students’ understanding and skills level and identifying weaknesses and strengths
  • Boosting confidence in areas where students may be struggling or require in-depth understanding
  • Students are taught in small class sizes, so our excellent GCSE tutors are able to address the needs of each individual. On average, our classes number seven students or less
  • Dealing with common mistakes in answering exam questions
  • Setting realistic grade targets, monitoring students’ progress and supporting them to ensure they achieve the goals set
  • Minimising stress through rigorous exam preparation and teaching exam techniques to deal with challenging questions
  • The boost in confidence achieved makes our students more aspirational and they begin to aim for a higher grade.

Our Results

Esma, former student just graduated from LSE - London School of Economics

Mr De Bernier, parent of a former student

Nathaniel, former student at Excel In Key Subjects

Israel, former student at Excel In Key Subjects

Help your child achieve their full potential

Dear Caring Parent,

We believe every child, including yours, is unique. In fact, with just a little more encouragement and targeting of his or her needs, your child WILL perform better in school. That's what we're here to provide – either a result-focused, top quality Saturday School tuition or Intensive Revision during school holidays. We also have other special programmes, such as the Bootcamp.

We are so confident that we can improve your child's exam grades at GCSE we're backing it with a solid money-back guarantee!

(Feel free to ask our competitors if they're willing to take a stand for what they believe in.)

If your child’s grade(s) will markedly improve with Excel in Key Subjects, or we will give you a full refund of your tuition fees,

That’s how confident we are of our proven system.

How Does Our Saturday School work?

Saturday School runs through the academic year, a total of 26 Saturdays. The structure depends on whether your child is attending for help with KS3, GCSE or A level.


Every Saturday, students in classes of 5 students on average (9 maximum). GCSE students spend:

  • 1 hour 15 minutes on English
  • 1 hour 15 minutes on Maths
  • 1 hour 15 minutes on each of the science subjects. Most students study two Science subjects on a day 
  • We cater for both Combined Science and Triple Science

Classes are usually held from 9am to about 3pm but not all students study for the whole day.

Most students spend just over 4 hours with us every Saturday doing multiple subjects. We specialise in:

  • GCSE Maths Revision
  • GCSE Science Revision
  • GCSE English Revision

Our grade guarantee applies for those who study for a full academic year in Y11 or two full academic years at A-level. Please see terms and conditions on grade guarantee.

Excel in Key Subjects also offers Christmas and Easter Revision, as well as one to one Tuition.

Help your child achieve their full potential


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We also run revision camps in the Easter and Christmas school holidays.

Other Centre at: Greenwich, Euston and Holland Park