School are closed and GCSE and A-level Exams are cancelled – due to COVID-19. Could there be a silver lining?

Winners and Losers?

We live in strange times – with schools closed and exams cancelled, parents are stuck at home with their children and we can’t even leave our houses (for good reasons – as too many are dying unnecessarily) – Thanks to coronavirus! The potential impact of exam cancellation and young people being demotivated can have long-lasting ramifications…
I’ve got five short videos for you, aimed at assisting you, as a parent, with aspirations for your teenager, to help you in managing the situation with respect to schools’ closure so that your child will not have to pay a costly price. I am bringing my 27 years of teaching experience to bear, but, more importantly, I’m speaking to you as a parent, with two children in school.
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The video above is called 'Video 1' or 'Intro Video'. This video is a brief introduction to the remaining four videos and will shed light on the items I will be covering in these

Video 2:

Issues that COVID-19 Presents – Specifically for Your Child’s Age Group 

For each particular age group / key stage, there is a specific problem. In this video, I explore the issues that arise and the potential problems for the future. It is important to understand specifically what the issues are for your own child at this stage of his or her education. It’s only when you have absolute clarity that you can begin to think of possible solutions.

Video 3:

I Can See These Problems and I Can Assist You in the Process of Solving Them 

The fact is that the coronavirus issue will go away at some point. We, as parents, must do all we can to reduce the negative impact of it on our own children. The events surrounding coronavirus are new and unprecedented – the stuff you see in a doomsday movie! As far as the education of your teenager is concerned, most of the specific issues caused are not new in themselves – see more in the video… This situation will reward those young people who work hard consistently, those who are called teacher’s pet, and perhaps those who have done well in their mocks (but no one is guaranteed a good grade, as teachers will not even tell you what they are predicting).

Video 4:

The Potential Opportunities that the Coronavirus Situation Presents to your Teenager and the Consequences of Not Taking Action

There is every reason for young people to feel demotivated and just give up, as exams are cancelled and schools are closed. They can think it’s OK to do no more work – particularly given the fact that schools may not reopen for quite some time. The reality is that there is a wide variation in how schools respond to this situation. Some teachers/schools have instructed their students just to read books, and do not much else… while, in other cases, the quality is very high. In this video, I share some success stories with you, but also some not so positive experiences…

Video 5:

Is There a Silver Lining for Teenagers after Coronavirus? 

-       Yes or Maybe; but the question is “is the silver lining for everyone?”

Action, Action and Action

Videos 1 to 4 build up to this moment. I have highlighted the issues, potential dangers and the possible opportunities presented – trying to make good of a horrendous situation.
This video is all about taking action to prevent the situation having a negative impact on the education and, indeed, the future of your child. I’m inviting you to request my report and to book a consultation session with me. All at no financial cost to you, as the least we can do at this rather strange time is to pull together and help each other. COVID-19 is here now and it is horrendous, but it will go away at some point. Sadly, some teenagers will be worse off as a result of the problem it creates, but, more importantly, how their school reacts to the situation.   What I am offering is a gesture of goodwill and it is not aimed at persuading you to enrol on any course, but at sharing useful information and ideas. If I’m able to assist you in any way in this time of uncertainty, hopefully you will spread the word about what we do.

Will all students get their predicted grade?

No, we know that simply using predicted grades would not be fair to all students. The calculated grade will take into account teachers’ assessment of the likely grade as well as other factors, such as prior attainment, so students’ final grades will not necessarily reflect their predicted grades.

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