Intensive Revision

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Why Christmas Intensive Revision for A-level and GCSE?


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Mr. John Smith - MA (Oxon) Mathematics, the Maths Intensive teacher, states why you should take the Intensive Course at Christmas. With the summer exams approaching, it helps you to clear misconceptions and reinforce knowledge and gain greater mastery. Practice questions, with guidance on how to avoid losing marks in the exam

  • Exams are imminent
  • Clear misconceptions
  • Gaining a deeper understanding
  • Practice questions – focused on maximising marks

Three Benefits of A-level and GCSE Intensive Revision Excel in Key Subjects


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Three key benefits from taking Excel in Key Subjects Intensive Revision Course at Christmas – Reinforcing Understanding, Confidence and Exam Practice.

  • Clears Misconceptions – Reinforcing Understanding
  • Builds Confidence
  • Practice Questions for Mastery of Exam Technique


What does a typical Intensive Revision in A-level Maths contain?


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A-Level Maths teacher, shares the way he teaches on a typical A-level Maths Intensive Revision. The topics covered – such as Differentiation, Algebra, and Trigonometry, and how he ensures that students with varying level of completion of the specification and mathematical ability gain from the course and leave with greater confidence than when they arrived

  • A-level Maths covers – Differentiation, Algebra, Trigonometry,
  • Explaining Concepts
  • Encourages students to bring in individual problems
  • Practising exam questions under teacher guidance

The Structure of Intensive Revision


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In this video, Mr. John Smith explains the structure and scheduling of Intensive Revision and the number of hours it contains.

How topics are covered in A-Level Maths Intensive to address individual students.


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Mr. John Smith explains the way the topics are chosen and the information gathering and consultation session before the Intensive Revision. He identifies variation in knowledge of applied aspects of A-level Maths – Mechanics and Statistics, ensuring every student’s individual needs are addressed and they gain valuable knowledge and skills to face tests and the exam with increased confidence.

  • Awareness of different topics being covered by students
  • Issues with the applied aspects – Mechanics and Statistics addressed
  • Being led by a real master, students are able to grasp concepts and are reassured

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