Making the best of life after Brexit for the education and future prospects of our young people

Making the best of life after Brexit for the education and future prospects of our young people

My hope is that someday people will realise the mistake made in the referendum by voting for Brexit and the UK will end up not leaving Europe. However, we are where we are and as a parent, we ought to prepare for all eventualities and do our best to ensure that our children are able to maximise their potential whatever happens in the future – Brexit or no Brexit. Bringing up our children as highly capable individuals will equip them to compete and prepare them for future opportunities. As I mentioned earlier, the best way to prepare our children is to ensure that they are better educated – both in terms of academic qualifications and also the development of other talents they may have beyond academic ability – while we as parents should ensure that we give our children the best education we can, given our individual circumstances. We should also invest time, money and energy in helping them to: play sports and music; read for pleasure (preferably printed books and NOT on computers or other electronic devices); write for pleasure; engage in public speaking/performance or any other activity that boosts their confidence; take part in dancing; and several other interests they may have or the ones we encourage them to have.

The UK always prevails

I must say once again that I have a very strong preference for the UK remaining in the EU – I felt that before the referendum and I still do. Now that it is highly likely that the UK will leave the EU, nobody knows what is likely to happen, but I think that somehow Great Britain – or whatever will be left of it, possibly without Scotland – will work it out and continue to be great. History has told us that Britain always finds its way and it will continue to do so, and we all have a part to play in that as it is in our interest for Britain to prosper.

Looking ahead over the summer

As Excel in Key Subjects has done in previous summers, we will be publishing a few blogs throughout the summer. Some of them will be from me and some will be from other colleagues, who are involved in teaching and making other contributions to the lives of young people at Excel in Key Subjects. The purpose of all our blogs is to educate, inform and share ideas with likeminded parents who value education. Our blog articles generally deal with issues that may interest parents and their children (usually those of secondary school age but also very useful to primary school children who are excelling). The issues are usually about how to get the most out of school – to maximise academic performance and to highlight useful information and practices that will help parents and their teenagers to derive maximum benefit from the education system. The blog articles over the summer are usually focused on matters such as how young people can spend their time wisely over the summer break, and parents too!

I look forward to speaking to you soon.