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Special 6 Saturdays
to boost your child's exam grades
Starting April 2018 with Excel in Key Subjects
Diagnosing student’s understanding and skills level and identifying strengths and weaknesses.
Boosting student's confidence in areas where they may be struggling or require in-depth understanding.
Students are taught in small class sizes, therefore teachers are able to address the needs of each individual. On average our classes number below 6 students.
Dealing with common mistakes students make when answering exam questions.
Setting realistic grade targets, monitoring student’s progress and supporting them to ensure they achieve the goals set.
Minimising stress through rigorous exam preparation and teaching exam techniques to deal with challenging questions.
The boost in confidence achieved makes our students become more aspirational with their grades.
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Don’t leave your child’s future success to chance!
We're offering 6 special performance-boosting Saturday classes to help your child reach their potential before the summer exams. 

Starting April 2018 and running until the end of the academic year, our classes can help your child boost their grades in the subjects that really matter.

How the Saturday classes work:

At KS4 (GCSE, IGCSE) and KS3 (Y7, Y8 and Y9): 
Each Saturday, students spend one hour on Maths and also one hour on English. They spend two hours on the Science subjects, except for those GCSE and IGCSE students who are taking Triple (Separate) Science, who spend three hours on Science instead.  All Science options cover Physics, Chemistry and Biology, irrespective of which Science Award – Core, Additional or Triple. KS3 and GCSE classes are usually held between 9.00am and 1.30pm. GCSE or IGCSE students who enrol for Triple Science usually stay for an extra hour. Most of our students study English, Maths and Science and spend just over four hours with us on a Saturday. However, a student does not have to do all the subjects, they can do one or two if they wish. There is a maximum of 8 students per class at KS3 and KS4.   

AS and A2 spend 1.5 hours per subject each Saturday and a student can do up to 4 subjects on a Saturday. Classes start late morning and some classes are scheduled for the afternoon and do not finish until about 6pm or later. There is a maximum of 6 students per class and tuition is focused on each individual student according to their exam board. A programme is set up for the student after the initial Diagnostic and Alignment sessions.

Special 6 Saturday Dates
KS3 & GCSE Fees
A Level Fees

Esma, former Student recently graduated from LSE

Mr De Bernier, parent of a former student    

Nathaniel, former student at Excel In Key Subjects

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"I was predicted a D in Maths but I managed to prove teachers at my school wrong, and through the help I received at Excel I achieved an A*. The same goes for Science:  I was hopeless in school, but thanks to Excel, I got an A."
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