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Unique Revision Enhancer

This programme is new and unique to Excel in Key Subjects

Intensive Revision programmes are usually quite good in all for reinforcing students’ confidence. However, the knowledge they gain during the revision program, including exam technique can be made more effective with a follow-up session. The follow-up aspect enables the student to develop the know how they need in order to understand what the examiners require and to master exam technique.

Fees for the Revision enhancer

Step 1 Each student who enrols on the course receives a special pack for revision.
Step 2 The student goes away with these questions and is expected to do the questions, with no marking scheme provided.
Step 3 They attempt a selected set of questions and send the scripts to us.
Step 4 The teacher marks the script and comments on it.
Step 5 A follow-up session is organised – usually on a weekend when the teacher goes through the questions and explains the marking. It is usually done in small groups. However, each student is promised a minimum of 45 minutes of one to-one support during this session. Where a student is not able to attend the follow-up session, telephone, e-mail and Skype (parental consent is required) support can be provided in order to help.

Fees for the Revision enhancer

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