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Summer Booster 2018, 14th August - 5th September at University College, London

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There’s never been a better time to give your child an academic edge.

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We have helped over 80% of our A-level students to improve their grades.With over 95% of our GCSE students achieving grades A* to C, we can’t be doing too badly!



"I was predicted a D in Maths but I managed to prove teachers at my school wrong, and through the help I received at Excel I achieved an A*. The same goes for Science: I was hopeless in school, but thanks to Excel, I got an A."

Before the academic year begins we run a Summer Booster course which provides a grounding in the central topics. It is an opportunity to overcome weaknesses before the start of term under the supportive guidance of our teachers. The Summer Booster helps students gain a competitive edge so they return to school assured of their abilities and equipped to gain a more sophisticated understanding of their subject matter. The Summer Booster differs from our Intensive Revision courses in that more time is devoted to explaining key concepts. The fundamental understanding this confers allows students to tackle exams more competently.

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