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Grade Guarantee

Our Grade Guarantee

Because our students consistently achieve such excellent results we are able to offer parents peace of mind by offering a grade guarantee.

How the grade guarantee works

After registering at our Saturday Classes, we build a profile for each student in each subject. The student sits a diagnostic test and has a one-to-one interview with each subject teacher. These results, together with observations in the class within the first term, provide the student’s profile. Using that profile we can confidently predict the grade the student is capable of achieving.

We will guarantee a grade provided that: the student studies with us for one whole academic year at GCSE level and two full academic years at A-level; a high proportion of assignments are completed; the student is well behaved in class; revision is done thoroughly and attendance and punctuality are Excellent.

If the student fulfills these criteria yet still fails to achieve their predicted guaranteed grade we will refund in full the fee for that subject. We are extremely proud of our students’ record of exam success. We look forward to working with your child so they, too, achieve the grades they deserve!

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