21 Exam Success Tips

I’d like to share with you a few tips, which you may find useful in your conversations with your teenager at this crucial period of their life as they face the summer exams. In the last few days, I started releasing a video a day on YouTube, and I am doing this for at least 22 days. The first video is an introduction – a list of all the 21 Exam Success Tips, spoken about very briefly. There are 21 more videos, each going deeper into each tip. These tips are also available in texts and I’ll tell you more later.

After two years of teacher assessment, proper exams are here again. The gross injustice that teacher assessment created for some is something that many parents and students I’ve spoken to and read about in the newspapers are very displeased about. I’ve written quite extensively about this, so I’m not going to dwell too much on it in this message. You can read more about this in one of my previous blog posts.

This message is about sharing a few key tips with fellow parents and their teenagers, as they go through the summer examination period. In case you think this is too late, as the exams are here right now, you may want to think again. What I’m sharing is of value right up to the end of the examinations, which, for most young people, is not until the last week of June – another six to seven weeks to go. These 21 exam success tips were written by Megan Smith, about whom I will tell you more shortly.

You as a parent may find some of these tips useful in your interactions with your daughter or son, as you help to guide her or him at this crucial time.  These tips are basic practices, habits and behaviors, that, if observed, can make a difference to the teenager’s exam results. We are talking about things that could help to pick up a few extra marks in the exam. It must not be understated the effect that little things that are unrelated to academics or studying can have on exam performance. The state of mind is key in everything, exams being one, and when something like a lack of confidence, panic, anxiety and so on sets in, it is not a good place to be. These tips have both mental and physical aspects to them, and some things have to do directly with exams and revision, whilst others do not, but are just about everyday life.

In addition to the 21 videos, these Success Tips are also available in other formats such as texts in a blog post on our website (link below), a pdf that we can send to you in the post and finally as audio, which you can listen to when you are driving, cooking, doing DIY or other activities.

Before I provide you a link to the YouTube videos of the tips, I’d like to tell you briefly about the person who wrote them– Megan Smith. She grew up in North Wales and attended the local comprehensive school. She later gained admission to Cambridge to study English, as the first person in her family to attend university. Megan wrote these tips while she was doing her law conversion course and also teaching English at Excel at the weekends. She is now a barrister, and one of the sharpest minds I’ve met, and, being a Physics teacher myself, I’ve met many sharp minds in my time! Megan is not someone that can be defined as privileged, but she is extremely inspiring and an example to young people of what is possible.

Below are links to the video channel and also the blog post if you’d rather read it. If you want us to send you to a webpage to download the mp3s when they are ready, contact us and we’ll do so.

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YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzw2RgOwJXEBBdcFBu_Ig0g

Blog post – full list of 21 Exam Tips – http://excelinkeysubjects.com/21-exam-booster-tips-full-list/