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Practical Help and Hints For Parents

  • Provide your child with study space. If this is difficult, going to the library can be very effective. If you live near central London, the British Library at St Pancras is a wonderful place to study, particularly for sixth-form students. To be able to use it effectively, contact us for special advice.
  • Provide and encourage a healthy diet and routine eating times – avoid snacks, but do drink plenty of water
  • A good sleeping pattern is vital
  • Having a TV in the room is a big mistake. There is not much to be gained from it.

Using question-asking techniques effectively

Ask them lots of questions. It is often worthwhile making your notes beforehand. There are times when it can be a lot more effective to sit down with your teenager and just ask them a few questions. Avoid: giving advice at these special question-asking sessions with your teenager; making suggestions; asking a yes or no question – make them have to speak or give a sentence. You’ve done well when you get them to the point when they’re now asking you questions. You may even avoid answering their question and ask them to think about it and you can schedule another time to answer their questions.

Possible questions to ask in this case:

  • What’s your plan for the summer examinations?
  • Do you know which modules you are sitting for which subject(s)?
  • Are there areas you have identified as being problematic in English (it could be any subject)?
  • Have you asked for help in those problematic areas?
  • Has your Maths teacher been helpful?
  • What is your target grade for English / Maths etc.?
  • Do you reckon you are on target?
  • Do you have any plan (study plan) for your examinations?
  • Have your got your exam timetable?
  • How do you plan to revise for your exams?
  • What do you think about study skills? Have you had a session on this in school?

Success Tips

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