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Why St Andrews is so successful; you can do it, irrespective of which university!

By Idris Musty | September 29, 2021 |

One of the factors attributed to the success of St Andrews is their teaching, especially the way they reacted to lockdown. Yes, like other universities, they moved their teaching online as a result of COVID-19, but they did small group teaching in a way that their students feel  is better than other top universities. At…

The Top University in the UK is not Oxford or Cambridge

By Idris Musty | September 23, 2021 |

In its almost 30-year history of ranking universities in the UK, The Sunday Times has placed a university that is neither Oxford nor Cambridge at the very top. You should be forgiven for thinking it may be a Russell Group university, but it is not one, and it is not even in England. The top…

The Number One Question asked by Parents of Teenagers… Answered

By Idris Musty | August 19, 2021 |

a conversation with a caring parent – written in August 2021 Dear Caring Parent I trust you and your family are making the best of the summer and that your son/daughter is looking forward to the start of the new academic year in September. I know we are only in the first few weeks of…

Repercussion from last year’s A-level grade misallocation being felt by bright young people

By Idris Musty | July 1, 2021 |

A seventeen-year-old, with a national swimming award, and   predicted grades of A*A*A has been rejected by Liverpool University and this is just one of many. According to The Guardian newspaper’s education website: “… Eve could have expected a string of top university offers in an ordinary year.” There is nothing ordinary about 2020, as COVID-19…

Legal action over A-level grade misallocation

By Idris Musty | June 4, 2021 |

Here is a short story of Charlie, who was awarded A and B in Maths and Further Maths, respectively, in his A-levels by his teachers in 2020. His actual predicted grade in these two subjects was A* A*,  so he not only missed out on gaining admission to Warwick University but has to carry these…

There is light at the end of the tunnel for GCSE and A-level students

By Idris Musty | April 17, 2021 |

Many young people who are in their final GCSE and A-level years have been studying diligently over the Easter break, and they are doing this in preparation for teacher assessment in the next couple of weeks or so. In most good schools where students achieve top grades year in year out, the headteacher and staff…

Is Online Learning the future for school children?

By Idris Musty | February 18, 2021 |

Is Online Learning the future? Closure of schools, caused by the lockdown as a result of the pandemic has forced society to learn how to utilise technology in solving a very big problem – loss of learning by children. However, before we get too excited about how brilliant online teaching technology is, and start thinking…

Testing Blogs

By Idris Musty | January 18, 2021 |

This is just to test if this is working OK….

GCSE & A level merry go round – Exams, no exams… Actually, they’ll have a test!

By Idris Musty | January 14, 2021 |

For awarding exam grades at GCSE and A-level in the summer of 2021, a proper exam or test or some sort, which is marked externally, is the fairest for GCSE and A-level students. This will help to mitigate against unfairness and to ensure uniformity in standard. For a level-playing field, due to missed teaching time and the…

GCSE and A-level exams – now a marathon and not a sprint!

By Idris Musty | January 7, 2021 |

The recent announcement by the government that GCSE and A-level examinations will not take place this summer should not be a surprise to many people, given the raging pandemic and the inconsistency in the quality of education young people from different schools have received. One thing that this has created, however, is the confusion in…

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