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Tuition Consultation C

Tuition Consultation C

The student spends at least 2 hours 30 minutes with the Subject Consultant (a high calibre teacher) for each tuition session. For a minimum of 1 hour 30 minutes, individual attention is spent on particular areas of need. The rest of the tuition session comprises of the student practising other skills or attempting examination-type questions. There is usually a break during the consultation session. At the end of the consultation session, the teacher sets written work for the student to complete at home, and then send in for marking. The work is marked, with a meaningful feedback comment provided. Before the consultation session, the student is expected to complete an information sheet, to inform the teacher of the areas he or she wishes to focus on. 

The fee for Consultation C is £185 per session. This programme is very popular and is subject to the availability of consultants, as sessions are conducted by the very top teachers only. All sessions are held at our centre and are usually on a Saturday.

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