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Assisted Places

Definition: Assisted places in Saturday classes
Financial support in the form of a reduction in fees for Saturday classes at Excel in Key Subjects. This is aimed primarily at families who perhaps may not be able to afford the full fees for our classes.

Why we are offering Assisted Places

As a registered charity, which was set up to promote educational attainment among young people in London, we are committed to assisting girls and boys to achieve excellence in the subjects that matter most at GCSE and A-level. We believe high education attainment is key to a better future and we are determined to do all we can to help young people to improve their chances of securing a place at the top universities. Since 2004, we have helped many students to achieve high examination grades. We are committed to helping young people achieve highly – including those from families in which the parent(s) made not be in position where they can afford the fees of our courses.
Please see here to Apply for an assisted place

Detail, fees and conditions of the offer

  1. The student must be capable of achieving at least a B or Grade 6 – under the new GCSE system or Grade B at A-level in the subjects they study with us.
  2. Students must be willing to complete homework assignments – which is one hour per subject at KS4 and KS3 and 90 minutes at A-level.
  3. Students must be well behaved in class and willing to learn and not be disruptive to other students in an academically stimulating environment.
  4. The assisted place fees only applies for full or termly payments only and a minimum of one term is required.
  5. There isa limited number of places – 20 students for January 2018
  6. Application deadline is 10th January, 2018. This deadline is being extended at selected centres. Please contact us for more detail.
  7. One parent can apply for a maximum of two places – for two children on the assisted place scheme.
  8. An assisted place is offered primarily to a student who is studying full time at school, but requires additional support to achieve his or her potential in the core subjects that we offer. In exceptional cases, the assisted place may be offered to a student who is not in school at the time of the offer.
  9. The student needs to take at least two subjects and up to a maximum of five subjects. In exceptional cases, we may consider accepting a student to study just one subject. However, in order to accept a student for enrolment in just one subject on the assisted place, Excel in Key Subjects has to be satisfied that the student is doing well in another core subject or subjects that will enable the student to gain admission to a top university.

Please note that: the assisted place offer is on a first come first served basis and we are currently only awarding 20 places. After that the offer will close.

The application process

Please see here to Apply for an assisted place

There is an internal application form to be completed by a Course Adviser at EIKS. The application form is completed during a private telephone conversation with the parents(s) of the candidate who is applying for the assisted place. This is the first interview process and there may not be the need for a second interview. At the interview, the course adviser will ask why the parent feels their child should be offered an assisted place. The parent does not have to go into too much detail about their personal circumstances, but it is a requirement that they provide sufficient information about the child for whom the assisted place is being sought. Parents will mainly be asked to present their case by explaining why they feel an assisted place should be provided for the child. Parents will also be asked about academic performance and why they feel that, given support in the specific subject, the student has a high chance of achieving at least a Grade B or 6 at GCSE or A-level. The Course Adviser will complete the internal application form and present it to the senior management team – who will usually make a decision within 24 hours.

In cases where EIKS deems it necessary, there may be a second interview and this will be conducted by the Registrar or a senior member of management.

The decision of the Registrar for EIKS as to whether an assisted place is offered or not is final.

Please see here to Apply for an assisted place

Who is an Assisted Place for?

A student between the age of 13 to 18 who is of average to above average academic ability and is capable of achieving at least a B or Grade 6 at GCSE or a Grade B at A-level. The student does not have to be working at that grade at present, but they must have the potential to achieve at least a B grade or higher. The assisted place is targeted at families with high aspirations who are aiming for the top Russell Group Universities – particularly those who may, in their present circumstances, be unable to afford the full fees, but would like all the benefits associated with the service we provide. EIKS may ask for evidence that the child has the potential to achieve at least a B grade and this could be in terms of a school report or similar. The award is made before the student sits our diagnostic test.

The main benefits our courses offer

Improved examination grades in the core subjects or subjects that the top universities value the most.

Information and advice about how to secure a place at the top universities.

How we improve examination grades

We have some of the best secondary school teachers.

Each of the centres is located at place that has a good reputation for academic excellence or surrounding of historical importance, where parents and student with aspirations are proud to be.

Our programmes are designed for maximum impact. The Saturday classes consist of a Diagnostic and Alignment aspect – with a test and an interview. This helps to build the profile of each student and identify strengths and weaknesses. The profile is used to plan what is taught to the student on a weekly basis. The teaching is in small groups – a maximum of six for A-level and eight students for GCSE or KS3. The key concepts of each subject are taught in a manner that enables them to be understood. Questions are set for the students and examination technique is covered – with feedback provided for students on a regular basis. Parents are provided feedback via a termly report and they also have the option to make an appointment to speak to each subject teacher.

The assisted place is not aimed at the intensive revision course, but can be considered in exceptional cases. Where this is accommodated, the reduction will not be as low as that for the Saturday classes.

The intensive revision is a 12-hour course – spread over two days for GCSE students and, for A-level, it is a 20-hour course – spread over three days. It takes place during school holidays – such as Christmas, Easter and Half Terms.

Please see here to Apply for an assisted place

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