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Triple Science

Triple Award Science differs from Single and Double Science, as instead of having a general Science grade, a student will have separate grades for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Only the most able students will be selected in schools to sit the Triple Award examinations. Triple Science is certainly a difficult subject that is demanding on students, however it proves to be immensely beneficial. Students that hold a GCSE in the three separate sciences will impress universities, but also for individuals wanting to pursue a career in Science, Triple Award provides an excellent foundation of knowledge. We aim to cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics equally in our tuition classes to provide the maximum benefits.

We believe that the majority of students are capable of Triple Science, but their potential may be missed in schools because the teachers have to deal with large classes of students and are unable to provide one-to-one attention. Our class sizes are small to ensure that all students are confident in their skills and knowledge of Science.

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