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Bootcamp Courses

Bootcamp – a special course assured to deliver a higher exam grade

Excel in Key Subjects’ unique intensive Christmas Revision programme will focus on preparing students who have modular examinations to sit in January. However, for students who are not taking any modular examinations in January, it will serve as a reinforcement and summary of the material they have covered in the Autumn Term.

Features of the course

There are three levels to the Bootcamp course but students can just book for one of them
The Bootcamp Series

1. The Core – aimed at a minimum of a C grade
2. The Bob Sled Run – aimed at a minimum of a B grade
3. The Accelerator – aimed at a minimum of an A grade

Step-by-step process of the Bootcamp

Step 1 The student attends a small group revision session taught by a highly competent and experienced teacher – usually two sessions, lasting two whole days. There are set a lot of questions at the end of the two-day session. The questions usually take between four and six hours to complete.
Step 2 The student goes away with these questions and is expected to do the questions, with no mark scheme provided.
Step 3 The student attempts the questions and either sends the script to us in the post or scans it and sends it by e-mail.
Step 4 The teacher marks the script and comments on it and returns it to the student.
Step 5 A follow-up session is organised – usually on a weekend – when the teacher goes through the questions and explains the marking. It is usually done in small groups. However, each student is promised a minimum of three hours of one-to-one support during the course of the three-session Bootcamp course.

Where a student is not able to attend the follow-up session, telephone, e-mail and Skype (parental consent is required) support can be provided in order to help.

Some general features of the Bootcamp Series courses.

Some general features of the Bootcamp Series courses.

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