Are universities elitist? Paddle your own canoe!

It is the case that employers value a degree obtained from some universities more than they do others. For most organisations, Russell Group Universities are right at the top, followed by the so-called Red-Brick universities. Sadly, at the bottom of the pile with regards to how they value universities are the old polytechnics, which were converted into universities in early 1990s.  High examination grades in certain highly regarded subjects are the main factor that determines which university a student gains admission to. It does matter which subjects those grades are obtained in. For more guidance on subject rating by universities, please see a blog, written by Esma under the title “A Level subjects – making the right choice.” It provides information and guidance on subject choice.

Universities are often accused of discrimination of all sorts. As a parent, what I urge you to do is to leave politics and political correctness to one side and make your son/daughter aware of facts and figures and the potential consequences of choosing a university and choosing different courses. It is only prudent that while we fight injustice (perceived injustice) with one hand, we use the other hand to try and get the best for our children. What we have to remember is that universities are elite institutions and they are selective. So should they be, as long as they do their best to ensure fairness of opportunity for everyone irrespective of social and economic background, race and religion.
I have written extensively about this subject matter several times and we also have a few other people from Excel in Key Subjects who have written about this issue. Our current work and guidance in this area is written by Esma – our ex-student who now studies at the London School of Economics – LSE.
Please see below for a list of some of the past blogs on related matter.

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