Are you worried about how your child will react to you seeking private tuition for them?

It is the case for many parents that after they have decided that their child needs private tuition in a particular subject, they are afraid of actually informing the child or discussing it with him or her. They fear that he or she may not be so keen on the idea and for all sorts of reasons, including losing their free time. It is very important to tell your son or daughter and to try and discuss it with them as soon as possible. In fact, you should try to involve them in the decision making process so it doesn’t come as a surprise to them. In most cases, the young person involved is willing to cooperate and make the sacrifice necessary to make the private teaching session a success.

In case your child has any objection to it, you should try to explain the potential benefits and the improvement that having a private tutor or attending a private tuition centre will bring to them. Some of those benefits include:

A better understanding of the subject

Less stress and more “I get it” moments

A boost in confidence

An improved exam grade

The chances of gaining admission to a good college or university in the future

Better job prospects and the ability to have more choices in the future if they are better qualified

Efficient and productive use of study time

This last point on efficient use of study time can be explained on the basis that he or she does not have to spend so much time on their own, struggling to come to grips with a concept that is difficult to understand. Having a competent private tutor will help to speed up the learning process and boost confidence at a much faster rate. It may take time to get him or her round to your way of thinking but you must persist!

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