More competition for university places: a cause for celebration or a cause for concern?

By Idris Musty | August 18, 2010 | 0 Comments

An article in the Independent on Tuesday 9 February read: “The university application service UCAS said that as of late January 2010, that the number of full-time undergraduate applications had jumped 22.9 percent to 570,556 compared with 2009 – the fourth annual rise in a row. Should we celebrate this rise or be concerned? The…

GCSE Science – Core (single), Additional (double) and Triple (separate) explained

By Idris Musty | December 3, 2001 | 0 Comments

It is a requirement of the national curriculum that every student studies Science at GCSE level, and that the Science curriculum studied by each student contains all three areas of Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The volume of the material studied and how demanding the content is, determines which certificate a student is awarded…

Maximising marks in the exam – a few tips!

By Idris Musty | December 3, 2001 | 0 Comments

With exams looming on the horizon, here are some steps you could follow to ensure maximum performance later in the year. Remember planning is key… Organisation  Relationships: Family and friends should be aware of your exam timetable, revision timetable and how much you value success in your course of study. These key players will always…

Vital choices for post-sixteen subjects and course

By Idris Musty | December 3, 2001 | 0 Comments

New Making vital choices for post-sixteen subjects and courses Most schools and colleges do not offer IB or Pre-U but offer A-level, which is safer and perfectly fine. Almost all the top universities list other courses such as BTEC as acceptable to gain admission but in reality they do not like them, and if a…

Grade Guarantee

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London Tuition News

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Are GCSE grades C good enough?

By Idris Musty | December 3, 2001 | 0 Comments

It amazes me to see how so many young people are achieving GCSE grades that are below what they are capable of.  Yes, there has been a gradual improvement in the number of students who achieve at least five grades A* to C and also at A level passes. The reality is that too many…

GCSE Maths Tutor

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    GCSE Tytor Ut fermentum diam ante, a placerat neque interdum nec. Vestibulum iaculis tortor mauris, lacinia mattis lacus malesuada at. Phasellus ac lectus molestie, ornare lectus sit amet, pulvinar sem. Vivamus elementum ac ipsum sit amet pretium. Cras et varius lorem, vitae congue nisi. Donec tincidunt quis lorem id convallis. Phasellus mattis dui…

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