Your child may not need a private tutor

If you are parent who is concerned about the progress your child is making in school, particularly in the core subjects which matter most, you may be asking yourself whether or not your child needs a private tutor. You need not spend sleepless nights worrying anymore. Here are the key questions you need to ask yourself before deciding to search for a private tutor:

  • Are the subjects for which you are seeking a private tutor very important to the future success of your child?
  • Would your child prosper with a private tutor where he or she would work individually and one on one, or would they get more out of visiting a tuition centre or a Saturday School, where he or she would be taught in a small group, with other like- minded young people, providing the stimulation he or she needs?
  • Has your child always needed help in this particular subject or has his or her performance only started to slip recently?
  • Is he or she getting the appropriate level of support from the subject teacher at school and have you had time to discuss this with the teacher in question?
  • Have you discussed the matter with your child? Has he raised the alarm that he or she is struggling in this particular subject or did you discover yourself or through a report from the school?
  • Is your child willing to make the sacrifice and commit to making the private tuition work for him or her, so that your effort does not result in wasting your child’s time and your money?
  • Will the private tutor or tuition centre be a temporary move to boost his or her confidence or will it be more long-term until the end of that particular course?

Once you have decided that private tuition or a private tutor will be needed, in order to take the next step of finding a private tutor or sending him or her to a private tuition centre, please see my next blog later this week on:

“Private Tutor vs Tuition centre – deciding on which is the best for your child”

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