Hurrah! The Mocks and January modules are all over. Are they really?

exam_results_image.jpgNow that Mocks and the January modular examinations are over, while many students are relieved, at least for the time being, there are many who feel that the exams they have just taken are a real test of how prepared they are for the big ones in the summer!

It is often the case, that come the summer examinations, students usually improve on the grades they have achieved in the mocks. However, there cannot be any room for complacency as it does not just happen by luck! We have learnt, from last summer’s experience, that it is becoming more difficult to secure admission to a decent university. High grades in key subjects are critical.

I guess most students will have an idea of how things have gone in their recent exams; many of these young people have been sensible enough to tell their parents how they feel things really went.

A lot of catching up needed after disruption caused by the snow!

Heavy snow last December has not only affected the economy, it has affected the education of many young people. In some parts of the country schools were closed for days, making students lose vital teaching and preparation at a crucial time of the academic calendar. The bad news is that university admission tutors and future employers will not accept the recession and disruption to learning caused by the snow as a valuable excuse for not achieving the grade they expect!

Time for a health check?

The next three to four months are vital if a student is going to do well in the summer examinations. It is the right time for parents to sit down with their child and try to review things and see if they are on course to achieving the grades!

An intensive revision course may be helpful, such as Easter or half-term. A well organised revision programme over the Easter or half-term holiday may serve as a confidence booster. However, things should not be left until the last minute.

Below are some questions the parents may want to put to their child during that health-check session!

Questions for students:

  • How do you think the mocks/January modules went?
  • Do you have a target grade for each of your subjects and is it the same as what the school has predicted or what the university wants?
  • Are you on course to achieving those grades?
  • Do you need help in certain areas?
  • Do you think your teachers in school are giving you the support you expect?
  • Are you sure of the exact module(s) you have been entered for by the school in each subject? Is it higher or foundation tier (for GCSE only)?
  • How do you plan to achieve those grades?

Parents or students can now go to our website and ask the Principal a question directly. It could be anything about the education of your child or a matter relating to the school.