Seven initial key questions you must ask before employing private tutor

Seeking a private tutor is a reality for most parents, given the state of the education system. Parents find it necessary to have to fork out to employ a private tutor or seek some sort of private tuition provision for their sons and daughter. In my two decades of experience in the field of teaching and tutoring, it beggars belief the variation in the standard of teachers whom innocent parents are entrusting the future of their children to. It is very important for you to analyse the situation with your child and see if hiring a private tutor is the best solution to boost his or her performance at GCSE or A-level. Whist a private tutor is a good option for some, other children are better off with attending tuition centre to receive the confidence boosting private tuition help they need. In this particular article, I will provide you 7 questions you need to be satisfied with before hiring a private tutor. In another blog – I have discussed “Questions to ask before sending your child to a tuition centre.” In case  have  read not it, please look for that other blog as well. A link to it is at the bottom of this.

1. Why are you a private tutor?
2. Why do you think a child will need private tuition?
3. Do you think private tuition will help to make a real difference to a child’s performance? Explain how
4. How will your teaching help my child to improve their performance?
5. Is there any particular thing – (skills/talent/expertise) that you think distinguishes you from other teachers? Or do you think you are just like all other teachers?
6. Tell me a story or give me an example of the students you have taught in the past – the subject and the level you taught them, the improvement they achieve and was there any improvement in exam grade as a result of teaching them?
7. Is there a parent I could contact to ascertain your credentials as a private tutor?

After asking all the above questions, the next step is to carry out the checks in next video with the title:
“Establishing the credentials of a private tutor and assessing if he or she is the best tutor to help your child to succeed.”

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Our next blog is on Wednesday and the title is: “Establishing the credentials of a private tutor and assessing if he or she is the best tutor to help your child succeed.”

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