The signs of a good private tutor; is private Tuition working for your child?

It is very important that you identify the right private tutor for your child so they can get the most out of the sessions with the tutor and that the sessions are as productive as possible. After ensuring that you observe due diligence by finding the private tutor through a reputable source, checking the qualifications and references, here are some further points specific to a private tutor which you may want to look in to:

1. Are they punctual? Do they usually arrive on time, or if you visit the home of the teacher, does the lesson always start on time?

2. It is a good idea to observe at least some of the teaching, if only at the start. You should also speak to your child at the end of the first few tuition sessions. It is good to speak to your child at least before and after the first few lessons to determine whether or not they are prospering from the sessions. Speak to the teacher every other lesson or so about the tuition session. You will be amazed what you discover!

3. Try to establish if there is a good rapport between the tutor and your child and note the body language during the teaching session
4. What questions does the teacher ask your child and is the teacher a good listener?
5. Does the teacher appear to show any enthusiasm for the subject they teach?

6. Ask the tutor to tell you about the private tuition they have done in the past – the level of teaching (GCSE, A-level, 11+ etc), a little about the child / student they taught, a little about the family of the students they have taught and the results obtained.
7. How organised is the teacher? Does the lesson look planned in advance – i.e. one lesson is related to the one before and what follows or is the teaching just trying to pick the topic from his or her head each time without and plan?

8. Does the tutor set work for your child at the end of each teaching session and is the work checked?

9. Are there indications that the lessons are tailored to meet the needs of your child?

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