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Psychology AS and A2 level 

Psychology – A-level 

Psychology is one of the most popular subjects at A-level – including AS and A2 level. Psychology is the study of human and animal behaviour and, thus, aims to explore and examine the mind and mental mechanisms that govern how we process the world around us, and why we do the things we do.

This course is regarded very favourably by employers because it helps to develop a range of transferable skills in students, such as the ability to analyse research material and its supporting data critically.  It also allows students to become independent thinkers. These skills are essential in today’s competitive world and so are regarded as invaluable skills for young people to have, as they transition into higher education and the workplace.

Psychology is delivered by a high-quality teacher, with a proven track record, in an engaging and safe learning environment. Students will receive individual support to enable them to be the best that they can be. Parents will be informed regularly on the progress that their children are making, which is especially important during these times as students have already missed out on so much learning in this academic school year. No doubt many will have to review and revisit topics previously studied.

This accessible and engaging subject prepares students for a wide variety of careers: Educational Psychology, Sports Psychology, Child Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Forensic Psychology. Further information into the field of psychology can be found on the British Psychological Society (BPS) website.

Psychology is also invaluable for a wide variety of other careers because of the transferable skills that it develops in students. Other professions, such as social work, the police, medicine, academic research, law, psychiatry, to name a few also offer excellent employment opportunities.

Online delivery of Psychology – for AS and A2 students

  1. Teaching session 1 – This consists of 60 minutes of small group teaching
  2. Two hours work is set in terms of exam questions – including Milestone work
  3. Teaching session 2 – This consists of 20 minutes of one-to-one tutorial – dedicated to addressing individual student's weaknesses
  4. Milestone assignment set and marked, with written feedback provided

In cases where there is only one student on the course, there will be two sessions of 45 and 20 minutes.

We want our students and their parents to feel confident in our leading tuition services, which is why we offer a grade guarantee. If predicted grades are not matched or exceeded then we will offer you a full refund!

The Psychology courses we offer:

Levels and Courses:


  1. Saturday Classes
  2. Christmas Revision Courses
  3. Special Sessions
  4. Easter Revision Courses
  5. Half-Term Revision

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