Psychology AS and A2 level 

Psychology is one of the most popular A Level subjects, providing us with a broad understanding of human mental functions and behaviours to ultimately benefit society. It helps to develop a scientific understanding individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases studies.

This subject is highly regarded by Universities, particularly in relation to courses within Business/Industry, Education, Health and Social Work. Unfortunately Psychology is scarcely offered as an option at GCSE, and as such, students are left feeling out of their depth when embarking on the AS course. Here at Excel in Key Subjects we are able to equip students with confidence in their abilities, which will ultimately lead to success in their exams.

We want our students and their parents to feel confident in our leading tuition services, which is why we offer a grade guarantee. If predicted grades are not matched or exceeded then we will offer you a full refund!

The Psychology courses we offer:

Levels and Courses:


  1. Saturday Classes
  2. Christmas Revision Courses
  3. Special Sessions
  4. Easter Revision Courses
  5. Half-Term Revision

Visit our AS/A2 Psychology page for more information on the course.

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