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Testimonials after 2018 Summer examinations


Testimonials after 2018 Summer examinations

Some of the comments from parents after the examination results in 2018 were released

From Joy’s mother

General comment
"On behalf of my family, I would like to say a big thank you to the team at Excel in Key Subjects for their commitment, encouragement, dedication and support to the Subjects taught.

Joy grew in confidence in Maths and had self belief that she could do the Higher Tier despite the school tutoring her only for Foundation. She didn’t have the right support from the school nor was she allowed to go into a higher tier class to learn, which made her more determined to succeed

If not for our intervention through EIKS, I don’t think she would have had the chance nor even make a 5 in the higher paper. Our only regret was not to have started early due to cost constraints but grateful that despite al the odds against her and without the school support, she was able to excel regardless.

My personal advice first to parents, don’t let the school put a ceiling on your child’s ability. Take ownership for your child’s progress and monitor it closely. Where intervention is needed, source it early and monitor that the kid is getting the full benefit."
-Joy’s mother

From Calum’s father

Student’s name: CALUM C

Subject GCSE/A-level Exam grade


Exam grade


Did your child take this subject with us?                     Comment





Maths  A level  A


 A*  Yes, in the first year of A-level only
Biology  A level  A


 A*  Yes, in both years
Chemistry  A level  A


 A* Yes, in both years


Were your overall expectations met or not?                    YES


Which aspects of our service have found to be the most helpful? The interactions with the teachers and the question /answers helped eliminate any blind spots or knowledge gaps

What could we have done better to support your son in his examinations? Not much come to mind really.

Would you recommend Excel in Key Subjects to other parents/students? YES, definitely

Please feel free to make any comment as you wish below


General comment:
"My son found the course extremely supportive and gave him confidence that he was

1. Covering the subject matter

2. Eliminating gaps and challenging his opinions

3. Testing himself routinely.

Calum always stated that the teachers were accessible and friendly and routinely challenged the students’ knowledge. The balance between course work and exam practice was great and provided him with added confidence that he was on track."

Thank you.



From Treasure’s mother

Student’s name  Treasure O

Subject GCSE/A-level Exam grade


Exam grade


Did your child take this subject with us?                     Comment



English  No  Lang 8

Lit 7

Lang 9

Lit 8

Maths  Yes  8  9  Yes
Biology  No  9  8  Yes
Chemistry  Yes  9  9  Yes
Physics  Yes  7 8  Yes
Combined Science  No  N/A N/A
History (AS & A2)  No  N/A N/A
Economics (AS & A2)  No  N/A N/A
Psychology (AS & A2)  No  N/A N/A


From Sina’s mother

Dear Idris,

Sina had received his GSCE results and are as follows:

Maths 7

Physics 7

Chemistry 7

Biology 6

English Lit 4

English Lan 4

Sina has attend all classes in Excel. Apart from English we are very happy with the results.

Sina loved Saturday classes and really enjoyed being there. I cannot thank enough to Mr.Soni, Dr.Esler, Mr.Mugajic who helped Sina for the last 3 years to achieve such good results.

I also would like to thank Barbara for her hospitality. She has been great!

I hope to see you all in near future.
Kind regards,

Esra A….


From Mr B….

General comment:  Although meeting the cost was tough, I believe that the result was worth it.

From Mrs C


Dear Barbara,
Thank you very much for Finn’s  feedback report. Finn thoroughly enjoyed his science lessons at Excel and he found the teaching a positive and confidence building experience. The first biology and chemistry papers have gone well, and it was physics today! The teaches and Mr Mustapha really helped so please pass our thanks on to them all.  I will let you know  the grades he achieves.
Kind regards



Finn himself:

Dear Mr Mustapha, Barbara and my tutors at Excel,

"I collected my GSCE results today and I am very happy to tell you I achieved grade 9 in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Thank you so much for all your help, I am certain it made a big difference to my results, as all of my science grades increased massively compared to my mocks!"
Best wishes



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From Mr Lanre ….

Hello Sir,

Kindly find below a snapshot of Jordan's result:
Maths: He had a grace C and I was expecting at least a B. I was quite disappointed with this. His inability to master exam techniques must have played a role here.

English: He had a grade B and this is an improvement on grade C I was expecting here. Great job!

Combined Science: He had a grade B. Am sure he probably would have had an A in physics and Chemistry as well if he had offered them as separate subjects. I believe one of the science subjects, I suspect Biology, must have brought his score down. He showed great improvement in Physics upon enrolment with you. Good job!

He will proceeding to CCSS in Cambridge for Maths, Physics and Chemistry for A level studies. Do you a center in Cambridge?
Kind Regards,

Lanre A…..

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Dear Mr Musty

Just to let your team know that Yusuf achieved all 9’s apart from maths in which he achieved a 7. Yusuf thanks you for the lovely card you sent and your support.

Kind regards

Mr and Mrs S

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