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Bootcamp Core

This course is aimed at providing the basic grounding in order to achieve a minimum of a C grade in a particular subject. The course is very rigorous, with a lot of the fundamental concepts covered and students made to revise and learn the key materials that are required to achieve a good pass grade. In addition to covering the basic material and reinforcing key ideas, the teacher also clearly puts to the student the requirements of the examination.

It is often the case that a student does two parts of the Core Bootcamp. This is not exactly repeating the course but covering similar areas and making the student master the basics – doing this with more exam question practice. A student will not be advised to proceed to the enhancement course until they can demonstrate that they have the quality to achieve at least a C grade.

Fees for the Core Bootcamp is £795 (standard bootcamp)

Enhanced Bootcamp £1095 (this is predominately one-to-one)
Bootcamp Courses

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