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Core Science

Nowadays students may take several Science GCSES, the most general of these examinations is known as Core Science. Core Science covers the basics of Biology, Physics and Chemistry and provides students with the key, or core, scientific ideas and theories. The majority of students study for the Core Science GCSE in Year 10, although this may be put off until Year 11 for less able students.

The Core Science GCSE is separated into modules – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each module can be taken at foundation level, which will result in a grade G – C or a higher tier, which is marked D – A*. Schools often place students that struggle with a module into a foundation tier, although here at Excel in Key Subjects, we believe this could be a missed opportunity. If a student is struggling with a particular area, it is often simply a case of employing the use of some extra tuition to get them succeeding in the higher tier.

Classes at secondary schools can be incredibly disruptive learning environments, with students distracting one and other, and teachers that often have low expectations. We aim to provide structured lessons taught by motivational teachers! Our service is a win-win situation, because if your child fails to achieve the predicted grade then we will offer you a full refund.
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On our website you can find further information about the Science Courses we offer, including Additional and Triple Science tuition. So why not come and see for yourself?

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