Seven Questions to ask a Tuition Centre before enrolling for GCSE or A-level Revision Courses

At this critical stage of the academic year as we approach the summer examinations, remember that extra tuition or revision courses are not the only way to help your son or daughter achieve high examination grades. However, when you have come to the conclusion that sending your daughter or son on a revision course is likely to help, please do not do so until you have asked the tuition centre or the revision company the following questions.

  1. What is the focus of the teaching – do they cover both content and exam technique?
  2. What system do they have in place to ensure that the material being covered is related to what your daughter/son needs
  3. How do they recruit their teachers and what is the minimum qualification and experience a teacher needs to have?
  4. Is there any feedback provided on the students’ performance during the course? Does the student actually do any sort of written work or test during the course and is this work marked by the teacher?
  5. Structure of the course – in which specific way was it designed to benefit students?
  6. Is there the offer of some sort of follow-up session at the end of the course?
  7. Does the centre or the company guarantee any aspect of the course – in term of the minimum standard or what will be delivered? If they do not for this particular course, do they guarantee any aspect of other courses that organisation provides? This can help a parent to make judgement on the credibility of the organisation.