21 Exam Booster Tips – Day 5

13. ‘Double double’ to prevent pen trouble! Ensure you have correct amount of stationary.

Rather than packing your stationary in a rush the evening before each exam, make a checklist during the weeks beforehand of all the items you require to take into each paper. The evening before each exam refer to your checklist and pack the appropriate materials for the following day. Ensure you have at least two items of any stationary such as pens and pencils; it is also wise to have two calculators.

14. Tick-tock, tick-tock – watch the clock! Take a watch with you into the exam hall.

Though many exam halls will have a clock at the front, your exam desk may be situated towards to back of the room. In order to be certain you will be able to view the time during the exams, take a watch with you into the exam hall. Take the watch off your wrist before the start of the exam and place it in the corner of your desk. Make sure that the time on your watch corresponds to the time shown on the clock in the exam hall in order to ensure your timings are accurate. By doing this you will only have to take a quick glimpse at the corner of your desk to check your timings, rather than wasting time squinting to see the clock at the front!

15. Planning prevents problems! Plan for possible disruptions on the morning of your exams

On the morning of an exam, it is likely you will be feeling nervous and have many thoughts rushing through your head. To ensure you have no unexpected problems on the morning of an exam, try to plan the as far as possible each step of your morning, from the moment you wake up, to the moment you are told to open your exam paper. If you travel to school by public transport, check updates on the internet the evening before the exam to plan for any delays the next morning.  Arrive at the exam location in plenty of time ensure you are able to complete any necessary steps before entering the exam hall, such as depositing your bag, registering your attendance or visiting the bathroom.