21 Exam Booster Tips – Day 6

16. Fill your lungs! Get your daily dose of fresh air by ensuring you spend some time outside each day.

Take time during your revision period to spend at least half an hour outside in the fresh air. There are many ways in which you could combine this with completing a productive activity – for example, if you have a dog, you could volunteer to take it for a walk each evening. Additionally, open your window if you revise at home in order to circulate fresh air in the room whilst you study. This will help to aid concentration, and retain a pleasant study space.

17. Don’t forget SPAG! Ensure you check your spelling, punctuation and grammar on each of your papers.

Marks for spelling, punctuation and grammar are awarded in every exam – whether it is Science, or English! Ensure to take time five-minutes before the end of your exam to check through your paper and correct any mistakes you may have made. Should you be unsure of a certain spelling, you should think whether there are any synonyms you could use to avoid incorrect spellings. Taking time to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation may mean the difference between grades!

18. Learn through teaching! Once you think you have mastered a topic, attempt to explain it to a family member as a revision method.

The best way in which to test your own understanding of a topic is to explain or teach it to another. After you have revised a certain topic, and believe you have a good understanding of it, try to explain it or teach it to a willing member of your family. Try to pretend the person has no knowledge of the subject, and present the topic to them – you could even work through a past paper question with them, explaining how you worked out the answer. Get them to ask you questions if they are unclear of your explanation. By thinking how to respond, you will become aware of the clarity of your explanatory skills and how you would write such an explanation on an exam paper.