21 Exam Booster Tips – Day 7

19. Recognise achievements by rewarding yourself for your hard work. But be honest with yourself!

Remember to reward yourself for your hard work. Make a promise to yourself at the start of every day of revision that, if you complete all of the tasks you have set yourself for the day, you will reward yourself in the evening. Whether that reward be to watch half an hour of your favourite television programme, read a couple of chapters of a book you are enjoying, or spend time with your family, be strict with yourself. Do not allow yourself to enjoy that reward until the hard work is done – it will be all the more pleasurable if you know you have earned it!

20. Water Woes! Take water into the exam with you – but be careful about how much you drink…!

Take a bottle of water with you into the exam hall. There are strict rules about what type of bottles are allowed within exams – often it is specified that bottles must be transparent with all labels removed. It is a good idea to pause to take a quick sip of water at 10 minute intervals during the exam to refresh yourself, however do not fall into the trap of drinking too much so that you have to keep asking to visit the bathroom. Timing for exams is tight, and you do not want to be wasting precious thinking and writing time by having to wait for an invigilator to accompany you to the bathroom. Be sensible with your water consumption!

21. Be positive! You have worked hard for these exams – they are a test of your knowledge, not a trick.

Remember that exams are an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned during your course. Exams are not designed to trick you, and the examiners are always looking to reward your knowledge. Approach your exams with a positive attitude and enter the examination hall with confidence. Try your best, and attempt every question, even if you are unsure. Good luck!