A Big Thank You

This is an email I received last week from a former student at Excel in Key Subjects. I will refer to him as Peter.

Dear Dr Cartmell,

I apologise for this late email in the wake of the A-Level exam results as I have been busy travelling and had to trawl deep into my inbox to find your email address to say big thank you for the Biology revision course you provided at Excel in UCL* a few months ago.

My result is a clear testament to your excellent teaching; I achieved full UMS in both Unit 4 and Unit 5 Biology exams and achieved an A* overall! I do not think that without your philosophies and wisdom about approaching exam questions that this would be possible. Getting a B at AS was not the best thing to help me want to achieve at least an A by the end of A2 and things didn’t look too good approaching a more applied year. Nevertheless, achieving full UMS this year, thanks to your thorough help, effectively got me the A* (my only A* amongst 2 A’s in Maths and Chemistry). I hope this upholds the excellent standards of students that you teach.

These grades have secured my place at Newcastle University to study Medicine which I absolutely thrilled about and my dream of becoming a doctor is ever so close.

To reiterate, thank you so much, I owe you my place at Newcastle University – I am deeply grateful. I hope you are well.

Yours sincerely,

This is just one of numerous feedback letters we receive each year at EIKS. It is such a genuine privilege both to teach and to witness the transformation of students like Peter, who realise their career dreams by fulfilling their potential. It is our desire to help realise the dreams of your child too.


* Course not provided or endorsed by UCL