We Make a Difference – Some Case Study Highlights

We take great heart from the knowledge that we make a real and tangible difference to the lives of our students. That is precisely why we do what we do, after all. We have worked with a range of students in a way that is tailored to their exact educational needs and seen many of them go on to achieve outstanding results.

In some instances we have added value beyond that of tuition alone. We have worked closely with parents to help put students on the right educational path. For example, one parent approached us, concerned that her son was being limited in his options since his school was not permitting him to sit the Science GCSE and was insisting that he take the BTech instead. The full story of what unfolded can be found here, but essentially we helped the student’s mother to build the case that her son was more than capable of sitting a GCSE and would succeed with the right guidance, which we were on hand to provide.

Other cases go on to show that the tuition we provide can indeed deliver exceptional results. One student who has outlined her hugely positive experience with Excel is Esma Akkilic, who attended our Saturday School. You can read the full version of her testimonial here, but here are some of the highlights:

  • A stunning grade improvement – “I was on a D/E grade in Maths when I started at Excel, but I managed to complete my GCSEs on an A*.”
  • Discovering a fresh approach that worked for her – “Excel stood out from a mile off, right from the get go. The teachers knew exactly what they were talking about, and better yet they knew just how to communicate that to us.”
  • The teacher/student ratios are transformative – “The one-to-one attention I received was outstanding – I could ask the teacher my questions right until I got to the very bottom of my query!”
  • Excel helps to realise each student’s true potential – “[I] never realised that ‘potential’…until… Excel allowed me to fix up a big part of my life and hugely improve my life long prospects!”

Such case studies reveal something of the depth and breadth of the impact that our services can provide. To find out more about how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7112 4832.