Options for Choosing a Secondary School Video


When thinking about a secondary school for your child, there are a number of options and points worth considering. We sat down with the Principal of Excel in Key Subjects, Mr. Idris Musty,  to explore some of these.

  • For teachers at the school, look at:
    • Qualifications
    • Experience
    • Staff turnover, particularly the senior management of the school
  • Try to find out how long the head teacher has been there and how long the previous head teacher was in post. This will tell you a lot about the school’s stability
  • Also, have a look at some of the league tables on the BBCGuardian and The Telegraph websites
  • Does the school encourage the EBacc for GCSE students?
  • Look at all aspects of the school, including extra-curricular activities
    • Teaching and subjects offered
    • Past exam success
    • Music
    • Sports
    • Art and drama
  • You can find useful sources of information online
  • Visiting the  school on an open day is also important and can be insightful
  • Smaller independent schools tend to be the most focused in terms of getting the best out of their pupils
  • The Times and Sunday Times  publish an annual review of the best private and state schools
  • Similar guides to choosing a secondary school can be found in the weekend press
  • Don’t focus solely on exam results! Extra curricular activities can help your child to thrive as a balanced and rounded individual
  • Just because a school is independent, it doesn’t mean that the school will guarantee successful examination results
  • If you are considering an independent secondary school, there are usually grants, bursaries and scholarships available
  • Long term tax efficient investments can also help meet the costs of private education

All the best!

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